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The album cover for 19132 from the best rapper in Philly I know Brasco


Produced by Wes Manchild
Recorded by Dj Bear One

     Step into the world of I-Know Brasco's highly anticipated album, "19132," released in 2021. This sonic masterpiece pays homage to the zip code that shaped the artist's being, with every track produced by the talented Wes Manchild and meticulously recorded by DJ Bear One. Featuring guest appearances from Reef The Lost Cauze, Aaron Shakur, Slick Be, and Yikes, "19132" delivers 13 powerful songs that showcase I-Know Brasco's raw talent. Standout tracks like "Rainbow Infinity," inspired by fatherhood, "As We Proceed," a high-energy anthem, and "Runaway," an honest portrayal of the artist's struggles, exemplify the depth and authenticity of this project. Embark on a transformative journey through North Philadelphia's streets and experience the relentless pursuit of greatness that defines I-Know Brasco's artistry.

A silhouette of Philadelphia, where I-know Brasco is the best rapper
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