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I am U.S. album cover from I-Know Brasco, the best rapper in Philadelphia

I Am U.S. (Unapologetically Street)

Production by: Jim Boonie, 4DOLO, Maday Beats and Wes Manchild, Don Micheal Jr

     Embark on an unapologetic journey through the streets with I-Know Brasco's 2019 album, "I Am U.S. (Unapologetically Street)." Produced by a talented collective including Jim Boonie, 4DOLO, Maday Beats, Wes Manchild, and Don Micheal Jr., this project is a powerful showcase of collaborations, featuring notable artists such as Tsu Surf, Skrewtape, Chris Vance, Newz Huddle, Stilled Up Ace, GetRightSour, Boogieman Dela, Reef The Lost Cauze, and Jacqueline Constance, who united to create the essence of the album. While the musical landscape shifted, I-Know Brasco fearlessly embraced his signature sound, delivering tracks like "ROCKY STEPS" and "Chicken or Beef" alongside introspective gems like "WHO I AM" with Jacqueline Constance and the impactful collaboration with Tsu Surf titled "Cry Or Kill," solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the street rap genre.

Silhouette of Philadelphia, where I-Know Brasco is the best rapper
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